Track progress over time with ease

"Lessons are differentiated by the students themselves from the very first minute"

"Teachers have struggled for a long time to effectively demonstrate progress over time. With Assessment Expert the problem is solved"

"I don’t worry about my students articulating what they are learning to observers anymore."

"Assessment Expert beautifully captures the learning journey with written feedback and measures of attainment generated automatically."

Targets. Personalised and focused.

Students can set their own targets and self-start. With clear visibility of where they are now and what they need to achieve next within their bigger learning journey.

Students can set their own targets

Assess. Timely and efficiently.

Students can indicate when they think they have met a target. Facilitating teachers in providing targeted interventions, and only when each student is ready.

Students can request targeted assessment
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Feedback. Tailored and personalised.

Written feedback for individual students is generated based on their achievement to date. Outlining strengths and areas for development, suggesting future targets automatically.

Generates feedback based on recorded assessments

Analyse. Consistently and accurately.

Assessment that eliminates inconsistency between teachers by automatically calculating working-at grades from the evidence of targets achieved.

Get consistent and accurate grading across all classes
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Record. Easily and flexibly.

Students set targets which are automatically captured into a personal diary. Teachers can optionally record additional feedback and heat-maps provide evidence of progress over time in a stunningly visually way.

Capture the learning journey with ease.

Adapt. Today and tomorrow.

A system that easily adapts to your school context and the ever changing models of assessment in schools. Perfectly adapted to life after levels and ready for whatever comes next.

Get consistent and accurate grading across all classes
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Meet the team

Craig Sargent

Craig Sargent

I was one of the pilot CAS master teachers and then moved on to be appointed as a master teacher regional coordinator for phase two of the computing network of excellence. My background before entering teaching includes a degree in computer science, freelance contracting for Lloyds TSB and six years' as a technologist for GCHQ in Cheltenham and I wrote my first computer program in primary school!

David Hillyard

David Hillyard

I am currently assistant head teacher at a large comprehensive school in Gloucestershire and a founding member director of a multi-academy trust of 5 schools. With 20 years' experience as a teacher, I have also been a successful head of department and assistant head of year. Prior to teaching, I worked as an analyst-programmer at Messier-Dowty.

Mark Plowman

Mark Plowman

I've been in the IT industry for 20 years in various sectors from family run small businesses through to the NHS and software houses. I have a degree in aquatic biology from Aberystwyth university but as it turned out, I was better at coding algorithms than exploring the life cycles of various aquatic fauna. I also work as a Senior Software Engineer for a leading educational charity in Gloucestershire.