What's coming up?

Last Updated:

October 2017

This is what we're working on right now.

Course Builder

Now that the first iteration of the Course Builder has been delivered, we'll be working on extending the new functionality to add still useful but less critical course-builder tools. We'll also be listening to your feedback and altering things where needed.

Statistics Module

The new Statistics Module is available in Beta so we'll be continuing to work on this where needed and listening to your feedback to help you get the most from your data

UI and Navigation Improvements

General improvements and now that the new Statistics area is available, there are likely to be some navigation changes to make getting access to the various parts of Assessment Expert more intuitive.

Next up

Please see the "Things we're still thinking about"

We have a number of improvements and new features that have been requested.
We haven't completely decided on a priority yet, but we've listed the front runners below.

General Maintenance

We'll be updating various parts of our infrastructure during the summer holidays to ensure continued security and robustnesss

General Improvements

This is a long running task to improve robustness and performance where required as highlighted by our logs.

Things we're still thinking about

This isn't an exhaustive list and is not in any particular order but it reflects the top items that we're thinking about right now

  • Course Builder, Copy Course Content - Copy selected content from one course to another to reduce the overhead of manually creating courses
  • Office 365 integration - Log-in using your Office 365 credentials
  • Course Builder, Clone Course - Create a non-finalised copy of an existing course
  • Course Builder, Pre-built Templates - Create new courses from a selection of pre-built templates
  • Course Builder, Archive Course - Retires a Course from use without deleting it with the ability to re-active it.
  • Course Builder, Soft Delete - When a Course is deleted, archive it first for period of time before permanently deleting
  • Import Undo - Undo the last import that was run against your system

We review our backlog on a weekly basis and new items get added to the Next up list as development capacity becomes available.

If you have an idea for new or improved functionality please feel free to contact us and have a chat about it. It may be something we're already considering and the more people who ask for it, the more likely it is to get implemented.

Please visit our Contact us page for ways of getting in touch.